Jashen Joel Govindsamy, professionally known as “Jashmir” was born in Durban, South Africa on the 10th of April 1999 and was raised in Chatsworth. Jashmir began his career as a DJ in 2013, venturing in the genres: house and EDM. In 2017, he made his production credits by releasing his first EP, ”Carnival” under the label, Mudpie Records. In 2018, he gained attention by releasing songs, “That’s A Lot” which got playlisted on Channel O and “How You Like”. Following both songs, he continued his collaboration with American artists and rappers as he released the song “Make It Clap”, on 25 October 2019.

Jashmir is often referred to as the “Remix God”. He is considered as one of the most influential, young music artists of amapiano, EDM and Hip Hop. With his breakthrough in 2020, he played an instrumental role in popularizing TikTok trends and dance challenges. There is no specific genre that Jashmir sticks to, he loves to explore new sounds and create new styles of popular genre and can adapt to any artist’s liking. Links to
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Jashmir had his first hit track “That’s A Lot” aired on Channel O. Since then he has performed at major events such as a mainstage DJ set at Nasty C’s Ivyson Tour, Rage Festival in 2019 and landed his first weekly radio residency on the country’s biggest stations, East Coast Radio.

Jashmir’s hit record, was released on 10 July 2020, followed by the single, “Ma Se Kind”. 

The songs have become TikTok trends and smash hits all over the country. 

The Amaiphone song begins with the
standard iPhone ringtone and then builds up to a rhythmic dance tune that has swept the nation off their feet.

The video went viral just days after he posted it on his TikTok page, which caught the attention of TikTok South
Africa and the #AmaiPhone was born.

 He also remixed a video into a song and created the
#DontDrinkAndDriveChallenge, which attracted about 6 million views and counting